Ingrown Pubic Hair - Simple Tips for a Clean, Smooth Pubic Area

Published: 02nd January 2007
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Ingrown pubic hairs or razor bumps can result from waxing or shaving your pubic area with a razor.

If you're removing hair from your pubic area then the last thong you want to end up with are unsightly ingrown pubic hairs and bumps.

Follow our simple tips to eliminate ingrown pubic hairs for good leaving you with a clean, smooth, attractive pubic area.

What are Ingrown Pubic Hairs?

Ingrown pubic hairs can occur for a number of reasons.

1. Ingrown pubic hairs occur when your pubic hairs rather than growing straight out curl around and start growing back into the skin.

2. When hair is removed below skin level, as in waxing, and begins to grow through the surrounding skin tissue instead of through the hair follicle.

3. Ingrown pubic hairs occur most often from shaving with a razor in the opposite direction to the natural growth of your pubic hair.

4. They can also be caused by waxing, when the hair breaks off just below the surface of the skin rather than being removed from the root.

Ingrown Pubic Hairs - Getting Rid of Them

Ingrown pubic hairs can be unsightly; however a few simple adjustments to your beauty regime should eliminate them for good.

Ingrown pubic hairs need to be removed; this can be done in a number of ways.

• Hold a hot flannel against the area where you have the ingrown pubic hairs. Repeat this three times a day allowing the heat to soften the skin, drawing the ingrown pubic hairs out.

• Attend a sauna or steam room, this will allow your pores to open making it easier to remove any ingrown pubic hairs.

• Removal of ingrown pubic hairs may be achieved by gentle exfoliation of the pubic area.

• To remove stubborn ingrown pubic hairs, gently the stretch the skin and apply pressure with the thumb and forefinger to the surrounding area. This should remove any pus and expose the ingrown pubic hair, which can be removed from the root with a pair of sterile tweezers.

• If you are unable to remove unwanted pubic hairs in this way then you can use Salicylic acid, a strong exfoliating chemical that can be used to free ingrown hairs. Your pharmacist will recommend a suitable product for you.

Ingrown Pubic Hairs - How to Avoid Them

The best way to get rid of ingrown pubic hairs is to avoid getting them in the first place.

There are several things you can do to avoid getting ingrown pubic hairs.

• Always exfoliate your pubic area the day before waxing. This will remove dead skin cells that trap hairs.

• Remove hair after a bath or shower when your pores will be slightly open, making it easier to remove hairs from the root.

• If you are waxing your pubic area, it is best to get it done professionally to ensure the hair is removed from the root and is not breaking off below the skin as this will cause ingrown pubic hairs.

Once you have gotten rid of ingrown pubic hairs, it is important to continue using these tips to ensure ingrown pubic hairs don't come back and your pubic area remains clean, smooth and attractive.


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